Fitness Training

1021B:TRXMy studio is the ideal environment for one on one fitness instruction. I use minimal equipment: Swiss balls, TRX Suspension Trainer, free weights, Body Bars, medicine balls, resistance bands, a mirror, a cable machine and stretching mats. I emphasize movement skills, body awareness and muscle activation techniques. Because I work so closely managing and treating injuries I teach exercise from an injury prevention standpoint. My fitness clients aren’t just getting a good workout. They are also correcting muscle imbalances, poor posture and learning how to move more efficiently with strength, coordination and balance.

People seek out my personal training services for many reasons: some clients transition from patient or massage client to fitness client. Others want a home based exercise program that is fun and addresses their level of ability. I also work one on one with people who enjoy the attention, discipline and supervision with exercise. I work with all ages groups from young kids to seniors.

Regular exercise is a proactive strategy for a happy, healthy, pain free life!

Group Exercise

In addition to one to one personal training I teach group exercise classes in my office and at specific fitness facilities in Northampton (see Classes and Workshops). These classes are fun and challenging. Working out in a group context is often very motivating and inspiring.


Who do I work with?

I have worked with every age group from 8 year old children to 95 year old seniors. I have worked with all types of musculoskeletal injuries including severe traumatic motor vehicle and workers compensation injuries. I specialize in treating sports injuries. I continue to work with many chronic pain patients. My approach of execise, movement awareness and active self care can be very effective for chronic symptoms.

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