These testimonials highlight the unique nature of my muscular therapy practice as I work with injury rehabilitation, massage therapy and fitness.

Under the Advice, Recommendations, and Referral section, I outline my treatment approach for a few cases which illustrates that healing from injuries often includes a variety of practitioners and client education. The Tendon and Ligament Injury section has an overview of my observations on these complex injuires. Under the Personal Experience section I share some of my own experiences with injuries and the healing process. My personal experience with injuries has greatly shaped my approach to treatment.

Integrated Muscular Therapy

I was very fortunate to find John Power several years ago, realizing physical therapy and massage therapy had limitations in helping me recover from work related injuries. In my profession (dental) there is always the probability of injury even though I try to stay physically fit.

John’s thoroughness in the assessment of my muscular and skeletal health impressed me the most. This key component to his approach became a vital element to the success of my treatment. I developed a more conscious awareness of how my body functioned and the relationship muscles and skeletal structure share. With his perceptive skills, John was able to release muscle tension and provide me with a wellness program to build and strengthen deficient and weak areas of my body.

I also appreciate John’s style of teaching and facilitation – he demonstrates such patience and compassion. He incorporates positive feedback and creates successful methods on how to value your body, mind and spirit.

I continue to see John because he supports my goals for maintaining a strong & healthy body. I am also extremely grateful to have John as a resource. I truly believe he is on cutting edge in his area of integrated muscular therapyM.W. Dental Hygenist


I referred two of my Pilates students to John Power. These women are very serious about keeping fit. They are in excellent shape yet nagging pain and restricted range of motion issues prevented them from exercising at a higher level of intensity. After working with John they praised his credentials, experience and effectiveness at relieving their discomfort. His work has enabled both of them to exercise at even more strenuous levels without pain.

One of the women also worked with her primary care physician and a physical therapist. It was only after working with John that she found lasting relief.

I highly recommend John Power’s truly effective Integrated Muscular Therapy.B.H. Pilates Instructor

I went to see John with long-term hip and leg pain which was not helped by my dynamic hatha yoga practice. I knew my practice had to change and I needed assistance outside the field of yoga to figure out why and how. John identified areas of weakness and instability and gave me an exercise routine to strengthen and stabilize my pelvis, hip and leg. I went from being in constant, severe pain to being completely pain-free most of the time in a matter of a few weeks. My hip and leg are now strong and stable enough that I can pursue many outdoor activities which I had previously abandonedM.R. Cyclist, runner, x-country skier, swimmer


I was a very advanced Yoga practitioner. I had begun the 5th Series of Ashtanga Yoga Training in India with Pattabhi Jois, yet simple daily activities such as bending down caused lower back and hip pain. I sought help from many specialists but no one was able to help me understand why I was in pain, nor were they able to alleviate my symptoms for more than a short period of time. I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life. When I went to see John he explained how my hip joints were hypermobile and unstable. He taught me a few simple exercises and suggested I refrain from stretching. I saw John only a few times. I may not be spectacularly flexible anymore but I am completely pain free.K.R. Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner


Although I had a regular massage therapist for relaxation, I decided to try out John’s massage work, hoping that his combination of training might help me learn to manage some chronic areas of back pain that are exacerbated daily by my chosen profession. He analyzed my posture, recommended both stretching and strengthening exercises, and did a very targeted massage, getting to some deep areas of tension that really needed some detail work. Each time I saw John, he would check in with me, finding out what stresses were going on and how I was doing with my homework. I have found him an excellent resource for information in many areas of health and wellness, due to his wide range of interests, avid reading, and frequent attendance at continuing education courses. He was also able to refer me to other area practitioners for specific concerns I had, as he maintains a wide professional network. He never seems to run out of good ideas and new things to try! He is clearly dedicated to life-long learning and is constantly looking for ways to better help his clients achieve their goals for improved health, at whatever level they can accomplish them.S.K. Mother, dentist, athlete


I have attended John’s fitness ball classes and have been utilized his skills as a personal trainer. He has come up with several routines for strengthening my weak spots in a workout that requires a ball, a band, and very little time (no gym required!). I can even break it up and do parts at work or waiting in line at the store. I feel good about learning to fit conditioning into my workday, not having to focus on always setting aside a block of time (which seems more and more elusive now that I have two young kids and my own business). Despite my erratic ability to devote time to fitness, John is encouraging, gentle, and caring. If he expected perfection, I would have given up long ago. But “one step at a time, try again tomorrow” feels doable, not impossible. John’s unique approach integrating several disciplines has allowed me to learn about my body, the causes of my muscle problems, and given me specific ways to make long-term improvements in my muscle balance (in addition to the quick fix of a good massage). I feel comfortable, safe, and respected working with John, in a way I’ve only felt with female practitioners before. When I stopped my appointments for a number of months after the birth of my second child, I really missed his support and encouragement. Since my profession puts a lot of repetitive stress on my body, I rely on John’s guidance to help me learn and to take good care of myself, so I can enjoy my time at work, with my family, and pursuing my personal interests pain-free while feeling strong and healthy. Thanks, John!S.K. Mother, dentist, athlete


I had to pull over on my way home so I could write and thank you for today’s session. It was fun and varied and creative and you are helping me to remember how much I enjoyed being athletic when I was younger. You are giving me hope that I can get stronger, that pain is not always something to avoid. I look forward to our next session. Years ago when I came to you and told you some psychological reasons got in the way of me sticking with any exercise routine, you suggested I see a psychotherapist. I didn’t do it because I wanted to use my body. I didn’t want more talk therapy. I am an experiential learner and today you struck the perfect balance between fun, play, movement, strength training and psychological work. Thank you!J.B.

Fitness & Back Injuries

Hi John Just wanted to let you know that I just bought a 60 pound bag of cement and easily lifted it from the floor all by myself! I couldn’t have done that a year ago without straining or hurting myself. Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me-helping me to get strong and also to push myself and to believe in myself. I’m feeling really grateful for all the support you’ve given me, and all that I continue to learn through you. This has really changed my life in many ways. I just felt moved to tell you. Hope you’re having a great day. 


John is a fixer and a challenger! Not only did he fix my back and shoulder injury, he helped me identify the cause of my injuries. And now he is helping me develop the muscles and movement skills so I can master my new passion-figure skating.

Dancer & figure skater
Started skating at age 50


Finding John Power (who was recommended to me by an orthopedic surgeon) started me on a phenomenal whole-body treatment that has been invaluable. His personal training is superb, and I am so proud of the changes I’ve made with his help. When I first met John my problems were many. Having had persistent lower back pain for 10 years, I had given up on a cure; my trouble–I said– seemed due to the changes and discomforts of aging. In addition, I was recovering from a two-year illness, which left me with very low energy. Through John’s strengthening exercises, his recommendation for cardio work out, as well as his hands on approach, he has helped me not only to alleviate my pain, but also to bring my body back to being healthy, and to make me stronger than I ever was. John has a way of inspiring one to make the effort for one’s own body. His knowledge and smarts are remarkable —and he is a lovely person who is fun to work with. I’ve become an exercise addict (from a moderate couch potato) and my back pain has been reduced from an “8” to a “2”; on some days it doesn’t bother me at all. Even better, if I do get into a spasm or do something to inflame the pain, I have learned from John techniques to reverse my discomfort. If you work with John be prepared to work hard, and to have a good time doing it; most of all, prepare yourself to get better.L.R. College Professor


I have experienced lower back pain for many years. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic care, Alexander technique and other approaches in addition to more invasive treatments. I found short-term relief but was unable to sustain the improvements once I cut back or tried to stop the treatments. John’s therapeutic approach was the most comprehensive, yet personalized, that I have experienced. Initially, his treatments helped reduce the pain of an especially severe flare-up. In follow-up sessions, John helped me understand the biomechanics relating to my injury and devised a comprehensive home exercise program that taught me specific exercises to treat the flare-ups. My mobility and comfort have significantly improved. For the first time, I feel I have control over my injury. John is an exceptional listener, observer and teacher. He has a remarkable depth and breadth of expertise. I highly recommend John for anyone who experiences back pain and is frustrated by the inability to find a long-lasting therapeutic approach.L.B. College Administrator


While in physical therapy for knee surgery I began to have lower back pain. Shortly after the pain started I was involved in an automobile accident that only aggravated my back pain. During one of my many physician appointments John Power was recommended to me. I began to see John but I was truly not a believer of muscular therapy. I was certain that I would require surgery, going as far as visiting Boston Baptist Hospital to consider disc replacement. After being told by doctors at Boston Baptists that I was not a candidate for disc replacement I was left feeling helpless, depressed and in tremendous pain. It was only after my visit to Boston Baptist that I truly gave my work with John an honest try. I began seeing John several times a week working on strengthening my back, increasing my exercise, and increasing my confidence. As my strength and confidence built, so did my faith in myself. Soon I was working out regularly, loosing weight and sleeping! Actually sleeping through the night without having the pain wake me as I tried to move or roll over was an amazing victory. Getting out bed was an even more miraculous. And to think that John and I achieved this without surgery, I never would have believed it. John’s patience and care during this recovery was exactly what I needed and never what I would have expected. I was a true believer in surgery, injections, and pain medications, whatever it took to feel better. John taught me that I could achieve freedom from pain by reaching within and finding my own strength.K.C. Office Administrator


I struggled with terrible lower back pain that threatened my ability to work. I saw a parade of therapists and practitioners who couldn’t help me. Then I found John. He not only helped me heal my lower back, but he showed me the importance of lifelong core strength. John educates while he trains, so you learn the “why” and not just the “how.” This kind of coaching helps you stick with the work you need to invest to get better. John is smart, sensitive and thoughtful. I feel lucky to have found him.R.S. Author, Public Speaker


Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that I just bought a 60 pound bag of cement and easily lifted it from the floor all by myself! I couldn’t have done that a year ago without straining or hurting myself.
Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me-helping me to get strong and also to push myself and to believe in myself. I’m feeling really grateful for all the support you’ve given me, and all that I continue to learn through you. This has really changed my life in many ways..C.K. Artist

Sacroiliac Joint Injuries

This client had been suffering for years w/severe low back, pelvis and foot pain due to an injured right SI joint. She came to see me for 2 sessions. Since she lives in the eastern part of Mass I wanted to get her on a simple self care plan that included the right information about her injury and proper exercises she could do at home. She sent me this email 1 year after the last session.

I just wanted to let you know what I have been doing for treatment and thank you again for helping me. Over the past year, I’ve been working with a local pt/massage therapist who helped me with a neck injury the year before. I shared with her some of the information you gave me on SI JD and we did some lower back strengthening exercises. At first, I had a lot of trouble with spasms from certain exercises and we did a lot of massage therapy to get through it. I wanted to just thank you again for evaluating me and giving me the most proper diagnosis I have received so far. I am feeling much better and feel that with the knowledge and awareness that I have now, and some of the strengh I’ve gained, that I’m going to be able to continue to live the more active lifestyle that I want. I truly appreciate your good work.S.L. IT Specialist

Advice, Recommendations and Referral Resources

Lateral Elbow Pain

This client came to me for 2 relaxation massage sessions. He had been suffering for over a year with chronic right elbow pain which was diagnosed as lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). He had received several cortisone injections but the pain persisted making simple lifting tasks almost impossible, exercise only made the pain worse. He was also starting to develop right neck and shoulder pain.

From my assessment I could see that his right arm, forearm, shoulder and neck muscles had atrophied from lack of use. I suggested he research prolotherapy since I was concerned the injured forearm tendons were degenerating (tendonosis) and not simply inflamed (tendonitis). I referred him to a D.O. who does this procedure and advised him to progressively strengthen the upper body or risk further disability. Since this person lived several miles away I did not see him again for additional treatment. Below is an email I received.

I wanted to give you a quick update since we spoke last year. I continued to get prolotherapy injections for several more months and started working with an excellent body worker. She worked intensively with the damaged tissue in my elbows, and with the combination treatment, I had progressive improvement and started working with a trainer at my health club. The difference was that this time the tendons had healed sufficiently so that the rehab went well. I also started seeing a chiropractor who was able to diagnose some functional impairments and give me specific exercises to perform, he also did some manipulations. Long story short, the path you sent me on is working. I am now exercising regularly, swimming several times a week and have gotten back in fairly good shape. I still have have some mild set backs, but I think I am over the worst of it. I wish more physicians and health care providers were familiar with prolotherapy, it really made an essential difference in my recovery and in the quality of my life. I thank you for your input and adviceJ. C. Health Care Administrator

Hand and Wrist Injury

This client is an acquaintance of mine. She called me to discuss the treatment of her wrist injury she developed after repeatedly picking up her young son without proper lifting technique. Since she wasn’t seeing results with her current treatment approach, I suggested she try a few simple treatment techniques for injured ligaments and tendons.

My doctor instructed me to wear a splint for a painful thumb and wrist injury. The pain increased and often disrupted my sleep. I had two visits with an orthopedic specialist and did physical therapy three times a week with a hand specialist. After ten weeks with no improvement, I finally contacted John. For my condition he advised me to discard my splint. He instructed me on where and how I should do daily deep massage and gentle stretching. The first two days were painful, but no worse than the previous ten weeks. Then the pain began to subside. By the end of the week I was pain free and back to full use of my hand. I can’t believe I suffered so long and at one point even considered surgery!M. L. Mother, Nutritionist

Shoulder Injury

This client lives on a sailboat part of the year. She emailed me for advice about pain and limited mobility in her left shoulder after lugging heavy rolling lugguage over cobblestone streets. From the description of her symptoms and how the injured occured, I sent her a PDF file of specific stretches and exercises to do daily. I also included instructions for her husband on how to perform specific massage to the injured shoulder tendons. She emailed me with progress reports a few times. I was pleased and surpried at how quickly she responded to my recommendations.

My husband and I spent the summer on our sailboat in the Mediterranean. Early in the summer I injured my left shoulder, by overusing it: pulling, lifting, maneuvering heavy things. Nothing I hadn’t done before, but I am 54. For 10 days I was incapacitated, couldn’t sleep well, and 800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day didn’t help it. We only had access to small harbors and villages, and were not within reach of a good doctor. A sailor friend gave me a small dosage of cortisone pills which helped reduce the pain. I also sent John an email, describing in detail, both the pain and all the activities I had done that could have caused the inflammation. John immediately showed great insight and care. He figured out based on the descriptions I wrote what I had injured, and detailed how my husband and I could self treat my upper arm and shoulder. He also emailed digital photos with descriptions of exercises I should perform. My shoulder healed very well. I enjoyed the rest of our sailing season. T hank you John for such great generosity and loyalty. I will always remember your integrity and your passion for your workG. D. Sailor

Sports Injuries

Hi John, happy new year!  I just wanted to give you another quick update on my progress.  I did the 14 mile trail race up and down Mt Toby in the fall and placed 28th finishing in under 2 hours.  Training has continued to go well for me and I’ve signed up to do a half ironman on June 15th. I know I’ve said this before but I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you.  Considering that I couldn’t even run when I first scheduled my appointment I’ve now come a long way and despite the cold weather I enjoy every minute of my evening runs.J. T. Triathlete/ankle injury

Another update

Hi John, I completed my first triathlon this weekend it was just a sprint race but still it was my first competitive race in two years.  The distance was 1/4mi swim, 11mi bike, and 3mi run. My overall time was 1:11:02 and placed 42nd out of 278.  I placed 3rd in the Male 30-34 age group.So with minimal speed work, I finally returned to the sport and did alright for myself.  None of it would’ve happened if I hadn’t connected with you to get on the right plan for recovery.  I might do a couple longer distance trail runs and a duathlon before winter comes.


Hi John, it’s been a bit of time since our last session so I wanted to follow up and give you an update.  I put in a lot of work focusing on some of the exercises you showed me (of course I should do even more) and concentrating on proper body mechanics.  At this point I consider myself healthy and I can train daily.  I have also lost 40 pounds!  I am doing 4-5 mile trail runs in the Merrel trail glove (minimal shoe) after my running got to a comfortable place I added biking and just yesterday did a 35 mile ride at an uncomfortable pace with a few other guys.  I am also doing track speedwork now.  And I’ve been adding swim workouts to my weekly training load.  I’ve got a sprint tri scheduled in mid September and a duathlon scheduled for end of October.  If all goes well I am going to look at adding some longer distance races to my schedule next year. Honestly, none of this would’ve been possible without working with you.  The hours of physical therapy I had previously done left me with no results and full of frustration and hopelessness.  Even if I was to not do any type of races, I just really appreciate that at the end of a work day I can go out on a hot humid day for an intense trail run.  So for that I just wanted to say thank you.

Neck Pain & Ergonomics


John, Thanks for the instructions and the photos! I am seeing a marked improvement in my posture and have made adjustments in my home and work workspaces to better help keep my spine and neck in proper alignment. The fitness ball exercises, massage techniques, and use of a heating pad are helping address flare ups (which appear to be related to overall tension levels).  It is really incredible to have actions I can take to get better.  I was able to run last week for the first time in a long time!
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