I integrate. I innovate. I train. I maintain


I offer a unique blend of techniques and principles
to help individuals achieve whole health and fitness.


John Power incorporates sports medicine, sport performance training and movement education into a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to fitness training. Every client has a unique body and life with specific wellness goals. John focuses is on optimizing safe and effective exercises for each individual.


Movement education is the process of self reflection, exploring movement, body awareness and sensation. Injuries, cognitive/physical habits and poor movement skill can negatively impact movement efficiency contributing to patterns of pain and inhibit sport performance. Linking thought, feeling and movement integrates the whole person in the rehab/training process.


For those client's who can't meet in person in my studio on-line personal training is great option. I provide assessments, workout programs and exercise video library, you provide the discipline. Live video workouts are optional as well.


Manual Therapy is collection of "hands on" techniques used to assess and treat soft tissue, joint and nervous system injuries, pain or other symptoms. A licensed Massage Therapist, John combines manual therapy techniques w/movement awareness and exercise, this collection of skills is highly effective for musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Traditional sports injury rehab looks at symptoms and tissue pathology without addressing the unique movement and loading demands sports place on the human body. Successful rehab means addressing multiple factors that potentially created the injury - poor biomechanics, lack of adequate recovery, excessive training loads, poor movement skill etc. John specializes in the treatment of sports injuries whether it is a cyclist w/back pain or a baseball player with shoulder pain, John's approach integrates video analysis with manual therapy, movement awareness and therapeutic exercise.

Upcoming online workshops

John is a fixer and a challenger! Not only did he fix my back and shoulder injury, he helped me identify the cause of my injuries. And now he is helping me develop the muscles and movement skills so I can master my new passion-figure skating.

Just wanted to let you know that I just bought a 60 pound bag of cement and easily lifted it from the floor all by myself! I couldn’t have done that a year ago without straining or hurting myself. Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me-helping me to get strong and also to push myself and to believe in myself. I’m feeling really grateful for all the support you’ve given me, and all that I continue to learn through you. This has really changed my life in many ways. I just felt moved to tell you. Hope you’re having a great day.

I went to see John with long-term hip and leg pain which was not helped by my dynamic hatha yoga practice. I knew my practice had to change and I needed assistance outside the field of yoga to figure out why and how. John identified areas of weakness and instability and gave me an exercise routine to strengthen and stabilize my pelvis, hip and leg. I went from being in constant, severe pain to being completely pain-free most of the time in a matter of a few weeks. My hip and leg are now strong and stable enough that I can pursue many outdoor activities which I had previously abandoned.