Our offerings vary from one of the following services to a blend of multiple services:

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{ One-on-one training }

Maybe you don’t like exercise classes or working out en masse in a gym. At Integrated Muscular Therapy, you can achieve your fitness goals in a series of one-on-one sessions. I will develop a program tailored to your needs and your body to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, control and core training.

{ Massage }

Integrated Muscular Therapy is not the right fit for you if you have a massage in mind for relaxation purposes only. I use manual therapy techniques that have a therapeutic focus to address soft tissue injuries, joint restrictions and painful areas within muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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{ Movement education }

Overcoming an injury involves learning new ways to move and developing self-awareness. Movement education benefits everyone from the full-time worker who needs ergonomics consulting at his or her workstation to the elite athlete who wants to become stronger, bester, faster. Movement education is also often incorporated for injury prevention in repetitive stress injuries suffered by athletes, artists, gardeners and farmers alike.

{ Group fitness classes }

Integrated Muscular Therapy offers three group fitness classes per week on Mondays and Fridays at noon and Wednesdays at 8 a.m. Classes meet on the fourth floor of Fitzwilly’s and cost $90 for six, hour-long sessions. They incorporate aerobic fitness, weight training, self-massage, core work and flexibility. The class is limited to eight participants.